I studied Computer Science at the University of California at Santa Cruz. My clients range from a small (but successful) two person office leasing company to a multi-billion dollar international corporation (OK, OK, it's Levi Strauss & Co. Visit their page; it's great!).

My interests include hiking (since I could walk), backpacking (since I was 6 months old), horse back riding (since I could walk), cycling (avid mountain and road), rowing (shells), radio control modelling (airplanes, gliders & helicopters) and music (I have many friends who are musicians, and ALL are better than I).

The pictures of me are OLD... I no longer have the goatee or long hair! That was just a "phase". :-)

If you like, you can:

See pictures of my old house, The Temple of Wings in Berkeley, CA. Worth a peek.

See pictures of my new ocean front house.

See pictures of our Bliss Kitty

See pictures of my first love.

See pictures of vacation at Tahoe

See my Bora

My friends are all who will probably be interested in the pics, though anyone is welcome to look.

Like the pics? Don't like the pics? e-mail me at eric at