Quarterbyte Systems, Inc.

The Company

Quarterbyte Systems, Inc. is a computer software consulting company founded in 1989 by Eric Braun and Brian Knittel. We bring you nearly 50 combined years of programming and consulting experience. Applications have ranged from medical recordkeeping and documentation, image processing, scientific data analysis,. legacy hardware interfacing and real-time mechanical control to business graphics, accounts receivable, billing, project management, employee recordkeeping and EEO analysis.

Quarterbyte Systems operates by three principles:

  1. We think of computers as communication systems, which should smoothly transport information between the people in your organization, receiving it the form in which it is produced, and delivering it as it is needed. So, we design programs to gather information in the way that you see and write it, and we display and print it as you wish to see it. We design computer applications which complement the way you work, rather than dictate it, and which are able to grow and change as you do. In order to be able to do all this,

  2. We only accept work when the relationship will work to the satisfaction and benefit of both you and us. We expect our relationships with our clients to be long-term. That way, we can guarantee that:

  3. We stand behind our work; we make sure it works as expected and desired. We make sure your staff learns how to use it. We answer questions patiently. We are available to deal with problems.

The Service

Quarterbyte Systems can:

We generally proceed in four phases:

  1. Needs Analysis, in which we work with you to decide what is needed and exactly how it is to work;
  2. Implementation, in which we purchase or write programs;
  3. Installation and Testing, in which we deliver the programs, train your staff, and monitor the performance of the new equipment and software, and
  4. Support and Maintenance, in which we continue to train and answer questions, deal with any problems which arise, and make additions and changes as needed.

The Next Step

is yours; please call 510-559-7930 for a consultation, or write to one of our staff. References are available.

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